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Our Services

We have our own in house professional service technicians to service, repair and install your heating oil boiler, we are always available for all of your heating systems needs. We are available to install Hot Water Heaters and we can have a 24 Hour Emergency Phone Line Available to you. there is also an Annual Cleaning & Service that can  save you between 10% & 30% on your Heating Oil Consumption.

Automatic or C.O.D. Heating Oil Deliveries
U.S. Military Discount on Oil Deliveries
Senior Citizen Discount on Oil Deliveries
Tank Insurance with the ProGuard Insurance Program
Three Types of Service Contracts (Good, Better, Best)
Budget Plans with Variable Rates (starts in May)
Budget Plan with a Locked in Price Cap (starts in May)
You can always Pay by Cash or Check or Bank Debit Card
We Accept all Major Credit Cards for Payment
Heating Oil keeps you warm, costs you less statistically, and gives you one less thing to worry about: (and it Doesn’t Explode)

Clean & Efficient Home Oil Heating equipment operates cleanly and efficiently, that it is not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act

Home Heating Oil & Equipment clearly causes fewer deaths versus Gas Heating as reported by the National Fire Protection Association

Oil poses one of the least risks of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning to your family as reported by The Consumer Product Safety Commission. The report found that Gas Units are associated with 92% of Carbon Monoxide Deaths in the home versus Oil Units involved in only 1/10 of that.

There is no lower cost method to heat your home, other than Home Heating Oil. The Department of Energy expects Gas Prices to Rise 31% faster than Heating Oil over the next ten years.

Today, oil systems often reach an efficiency rating of at least 85% or higher without sacrificing safety or reliability. The New High Tech equipment burns oil cleaner, and with proper maintenance will produce virtually no soot as reported by a study conducted by The Brookhaven National Laboratory.

We can provide On Road Diesel Fuel, Off Road Diesel Fuel & Winter Blend Diesel Fuel to many companies in all of Northern New Jersey from Perth Amboy to High Point

We have service contracts available.

For information on our service contracts, please download our Service Agreement.