Hello Marc,

I know I already told you but having dealt with the previous oil company and speaking from experience, I find your prices and service to be the best.  You have “saved” me many times when I have called at the last minute and needed oil to keep me and my family warm when the other guy could not.  I remember a time last year when we had a huge snow storm and I was down to almost nothing and your guy showed up very early the next morning and worked through the snow and made my delivery and kept us warm.  It is nice to deal with a local company and to know you are dealing with an honest person.  You now have a customer for life and I will tell my neighbors.

Thank you so much,

Denise S. from Randolph, NJ




Hi Marc,

I have to take a moment to review your company and express how well you operate as a company and a team.
Eco-Fuel never  fail to work hard for their customers. We just got an oil delivery at 9pm on a Wednesday evening, above and beyond any expectations. We have used your company for oil deliveries, cleanings and anything else that needs to provide us with heat. I’m most impressed by the honesty and integrity of your company, it’s refreshing.

Keep up the good work and as long as we are living here in Califon, you will retain our business.

Many thanks,

Nathan M.


Hi Marc –

I want to thank you for the exemplary customer service that your company provides.In the past 24 hours the level of Service and Professionalism that your staff has provided has truly been second to none.I received a call back in less than two minutes after leaving a message at 9:30 last night, amongst other things and after the oil was delivered, two of you employees (I believe one was named Ken) walked through the process of bleeding my line and restarting my furnace.It seems that in today’s world, customer service in shoddy at best, non-existent at worst.

Your company is the exception, and due to that you have made a customer for life.

Thank You!

Peter A.


Dear Marc,

Normally I don’t go emailing people about how happy I am with their
service. Sadly, because in America today people are just dollar signs
and numbers, excellent customer service is hard to find.
I just wanted to thank you again on behalf of my family including my
one year old son who’s little bottom you saved from freezing when our
oil heater went out last year.

We wish you continued success and happiness.

Tani G


Thanks for your honesty, I appreciate that you filled the tank with less than I thought.  I had requested 200 gallons and it only took 188.  Either my gauge is off or I have gotten ripped off in the past because I was at a 1/4 tank which would mean I had about 68 gallons.

You now have a customer and I will recommend you to everyone I know that uses oil.

John R.


Dear Marc

Wow!  I can’t believe your driver risked his neck today to walk up my steep and completely iced-over driveway this afternoon to make my oil delivery!  I had called your company earlier in the day to express concern for his safety due to the freezing rain, and to let you know it was okay if he decided against the delivery and I got it tomorrow instead.  But he decided to do it, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the (unnecessary) risk to his own safety to provide the oil delivery I needed.  I am also impressed he actually found the house and driveway, not an easy thing to do. 🙂

Thanks for your service.


Long Valley, NJ